The Colourful and Practical Choice of Granite Flooring For Markham Home Renovations

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Beauty and Functionality Merge In Granite

The reason most people immediately give for choosing granite flooring for their Markham homes is the beauty of the stone. The bonus, of course, is that granite is also incredibly adaptable and hardworking in a kitchen environment. It is durable and retains its value. Whether in tiles or slabs, it is perfect for high-traffic areas. The unique "accidents” that happen in a kitchen will not harm it because granite is heat and fire resistant, and does not scratch easily. With just a sealer and some light general care, it will retain its beauty indefinitely.

Granite's Colour Palette Is Unmatched

But it definitely is that beauty that first draws the eye and makes the granite floor or countertop an immediate topic of conversation. Granite is available in colour palettes that will fit with any kind of décor you have in mind. Its six colour categories – determined by base colours, patterns and shades - are azul, black, gold and copper, green, rose and white.
  • Rose granite is rare. Colours range from soft pinks to lavenders, and can also feature a dark grey seaming. Rose is a perfect choice for countertops that highlight the entire room.
  • Green granite comes with a wide range of supporting colours. Aqua and blues, along with greys and golds, are commonly found in green granite, adding change and vivacity to a floor.
  • Gold and copper granite injects excitement, along with its supporting colours of white, black and greys. It makes an adventurous statement.
  • Black granite is common in kitchens, due to its simplicity. It's bold, simple and sophisticated.
  • Azul is popular in kitchens and contains many different shades of blue in complex patterns.
  • White granite can create a dramatic contrast to dark cabinetry or fixtures.

Beauty Requires Upkeep

As any great beauty will tell you, it takes work to maintain good looks. Despite the durability of granite, there are important things you can do to keep it at its optimum beauty.
When doing daily cleaning of a counter, it is best to use a clean, microfiber cloth. Warm water can wipe away any daily residue, and mild dish or hand soap in conjunction with warm water is best for washing.
A stone cleaner should be used once a week. Make sure that cleaner does not contain any chemical abrasives. A poultice made of flour, baking soda and household dish soap should be used to clean away any stains.
About once every year or two, the granite needs to be resealed. There's a simple test; sprinkling water on the granite's surface. When water on the surface no longer forms beads, it is time for re-sealing.

Acquiring Beauty Can Be Costly

Granite is a costly stone and must be professionally installed. The cost of granite per square foot is just one of a number of calculations necessary. If you are installing granite flooring you may need to remove furniture from the room, strip away old floor covering and, quite possibly, do some sub-floor preparation.
Beauty does not come cheaply. The good news is that, with just a bit of maintenance, it can last forever. The better news is that if you seek a top marble and granite supplier in Markham for your natural stone needs, you could be able to procure the best materials for your flooring products at reasonable, or even wholesale costs. Find out about installing granite flooring for your Markham home renovation project, and discover how easy beauty can be obtained.